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Buyer's Choice Home Inspection - Tampa Bay Certified Master Home Inspector

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Buyer's Choice Home Inspection - Tampa Bay Certified Master Home InspectorHiring a professional home inspector before purchasing your Tampa area home is a smart thing to do, but how does one find a non-biased, certified home inspector in the ampa Bay area? Some people may ask, “what’s wrong with the real estate agent recommending a home inspector to a prospective buyer?” The answer is: A listing real estate agent works for their client (the seller), and has one primary goal – to sell the home within the shortest amount of time, for the maximum selling price. A buyer’s real estate agent works for the buyer, and though some highly professional agents truly look out for their client’s best interest throughout the transaction, the reality of the matter is that they don’t get paid if the house doesn’t sell. This is where human nature quite often comes into play. Choose an independent Tampa home inspector.

Though the inspector works for the person who hires him/her (the prospective homebuyer), recent national surveys indicate that most home inspectors receive nearly 70% of their inspection jobs from real estate agents, and quite a few Tampa Bay area home inspectors regularly get well over 90% of their inspection jobs from real estate agents referrals. There have been many cases of unhappy buyers and quite a few court cases involving real estate referred home inspectors. Of course not every agent is waiting to take advantage of you, as there are certainly ethical agents who want their clients to get the best possible inspection possible.

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As of July 2006, there were over 3,600 certified (full) Members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) within North America, and over 60 located in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Only 14 home inspectors in the state of Florida have taken the “No Conflict of Interest Pledge” and are members of the “Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA)”, and only four (4) independent Choosing an Independent Home Inspector is the best way in order to avoid conflicts of interesthome inspectors are located in the greater Tampa Bay area. Ask your prospective home inspector why they are not a member of “Independent Home Inspectors of North America”. On average, fewer than 10% of the inspections performed by Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection come from real estate referrals, and many of these are for agent’s personal homes, for their family members, neighbors, close friends, pastors, etc…

Check and compare our credentials and experience. In the state of Florida, home inspectors are not licensed or regulated in any meaningful way. Many home Be sure to verify your inspector's credentials. There are plenty of inscrupulous inspectors making false claims of certifications and achievementsinspectors are inexperienced and unqualified, which is why many offer inspections at such low prices in order to obtain business.

Never take a prospective inspector’s word on their membership claims. False claims of ASHI membership and ICC certification are extremely common. Always verify all certifications on the various organizations’ web sites – links available on this web site.

Independent Inspectors in Florida

Altamonte Springs

Mid Florida Home Inspectors
Lewin McGinnis (407) 865-6313

Coconut Creek

Magnum Inspections Inc.
Eric Van De Ven (954) 340-6615
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Ft. Lauderdale

AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc
Mitchell Captain (954) 572-8877


Florida Home Inspection Team, Inc.
Bill Siegel (305) 430-8800 (954) 342-4988


Brian Gregory Home Inspections LLC
Brian Gregory (904) 465-1548


A-1 Home Inspection Services
Ron Burns (321) 253-0781
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Palm City

Sound Structure Building Inspection
Tim Ames (772) 223-1074


About The House Home Inspection Service
Bernard Sullivan (850) 477-8711

Port St Lucie - Stuart

True View Home Inspections
Ed Copeland (772) 812-4416

Tampa Bay

Buyer's Choice Home Inspection
Michael Yeager (813) 263-4753

West Palm Beach

Protection Home Inspection, Inc
Harold Fulgenzi (561) 310-4533


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